May 12, 2020


“DisInterrupt Your Life”

MeTime is a technological initiative to take back control of your digital life. With technology constantly infiltrating every aspect of our life and interruptions coming from every angle, people are feeling more and more the need to “disconnect” in order to regain control of their lives. Metime is that perfect solution.

Included Features:

  • Geofencing – Gives you the ability to designate certain locations where your phone will automatically go into MeTime (eg. Library, Church, School, etc)
  • VIP Contacts – Allows you to designate certain people who can always get through to you, even if you are enjoying peace and quite from calls/notifications on your device.
  • Screen Reporting – When you are not using MeTime or when you come out of enjoying some MeTime, your device will report to you the number and type of notifications it prevented from “bothering” you (eg. “24 Social Media Notifications Silenced, 19 Productivity/Work Notifications Silenced”)