August 14, 2017


Geopolitical Branch

The Geopolitical Branch of StoneMoss Group brings global events into an understandable perspective. This empowers individuals, governments and businesses to confidently understand the increasingly complex international environment.


butterfly super-resolution

Our Colorise Technology enables users who work with images to colorise any black and white photograph, taken at ANY time, into High Dynamic Range, beautiful colourful images without losing quality or resolution.

Our SuperResolution Technology allows users to resize any image to any size, regardless of original resolution. While normal up-sizing images results in a loss of resolution, our SuperResolution Technology uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to actually increase the resolution of the image!


EndQuote is a Neural-Network based Audio & Video Transcription Service. Journalists, Podcasters, Bloggers & Media Outlets around the world use EndQuote for their transcribing needs! We are the fastest, most accurate & cheapest around!

meTime Header image

MeTime is a technological initiative to “Disinterrupt Your Life”. With technology constantly infiltrating every aspect of our life and interruptions coming from every angle, people are feeling more and more the need to “disconnect” in order to regain control of their lives. Metime is that perfect solution.


PardonAngels is a technological initiative to use neural networks and artificial intelligence to locate large portfolios of past-due medical debt that is being sold for pennies on the dollar to debt buyers.

These portfolios represent millions of dollars in overdue medical bills that are burdening many good, hard-working Americans with outrageous healthcare charges.

We buy the debt, and instead of collecting on it, we forgive it!