June 11, 2020


In the Intelligence Field, it’s “Us” and “Them”. In Washington, it’s Us, the Us who are with Us, the Us who are not sure about Us, and the many Us-es who don’t care.

black and white crowd

The other team, our mortal enemies, are also Us, it’s just that they happen to be against the Us that is Us; they’re the other Us and they have other Us-es who are against Us, then their own huge numbers of people who don’t care one way or the other and finally, between the two Us-es, there are thousands who aren’t sure yet and are waiting for a signal from the new Administration, about which Us is really their Us.

I should add that each Us is always 100% right and has never, ever acknowledges a mistake in judgment, interpretation, execution, or public relations.

Dysfunctional as hell, but at least you can say this – it doesn’t work.