October 25, 2017

US-Russia Foreign Policy Critique

America is afraid of Russian aggression in the modern day since we carry out independent politics on the world arena. Americans speak of Russia cooperating with the USA, and we would like that very much. But from what Trump’s recent actions, and the actions of Obama have shown us, is that is not cooperation.

Sometimes it feels like the US does not want allies.  We only want vassals. But we do want, and we will develop relations with Russia. I can see now that even within the US right now, there are transformations taking place. The US public, for the most part, no longer wants to be the world policeman. Researchers of many American universities are writing about the ineffective and costly US foreign policy. We, as Americans, know very well how this “foreign policy” is applied to the US’s so-called European allies.  So they made a decision on Afghanistan. Did anyone even think to consult the Allies about what to do in Afghanistan? NO! We delivered the first blow and then started rounding up everyone around us.

“If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Is that “cooperation” in our view? Cooperation, per se, does not exist. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” – Brilliant logic! Then all the sudden you have a breakdown in relationship, differences in opinion.

We do not intend to exist as a country that is surrounded by enemies. That will never happen. The idea of a “unipolar world” will never work. A unipolar world is much more difficult than the bi-polar world that preceded it.

Wherever the Soviet Union tried to impose its ideas on others, on its’ quasi-allies, as soon as the central power structure weakened, the whole thing fell apart. If the US continues our foreign policy in this manner, we too will lose our allies.

The same scenario occurred in Iraq as well. First, we delivered the first blow. Then we summoned everyone else to go in after us. Is this cooperation? Is this mutual decision making? Cooperation implies consultation and mutual input. It implies the development of a schedule on meetings towards mutual threats and their mitigation.

While everything above is the truth, we as Americans do not intend on practicing our foreign policy in a way that makes us feel ostracised. This will never happen.

Some people would like to see America move aside just so it doesn’t get in the way of the hegemony. The Russians are still wary of our nuclear potential. This is the reason we are able to practice independent politics. This is the reason Russia is paid particular attention, the “irritant” on the international arena. We have our own opinions, we conduct independent foreign policy, and we will continue to do so in the future. This is bound to be annoying to someone.